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Hi everyone! I’m Jobelle Ng. I was a Jenius Kindergarten Student since I was 4 years old. I’m really happy to be part of Jenius as I enjoyed learning there.

I graduated from Jenius Kindergarten in 2007. I would like to thank all the teachers and the principal who have given me guidance. I’m able to do well in my primary school terms tests and examinations and pass with flying colours in all subjects.

Jobelle Ng

My mother told me that I joined Jenius Kindergarten when I was only eighteen months old and still wearing diapers! He he… I was an active boy but the teachers had their ways to handle me. I love to go to school everyday and I would cry if I were sick and could not go to school. Until now, I can still remember my teachers and peers. Some of my Jenius friends are studying in the same school, Mee Toh School, as me. Jenius, I Love You! – Ang Weize 🙂

Ang Weize

I am Ang Jun Heng. I am studying in Primary 3-11, the best class at Mee Toh School. I would like to thank Jenius for preparing me to do well academically. I remember I came to know that Pluto is not a planet when I was in K1 while the teacher was reading something about the solar system to us. The teachers gave us work on different subject areas and also organized field trips which I really enjoyed. Until now, I still ask my parents to bring my brother and me to all these places.

We also had the opportunity to perform in public during the Mid-Autumn Festival, thus building our confidence. My brothers and I are active participants in wushu competition / performance now. I really miss the happy times in Jenius!

Ang Jun Heng

I am Lucas Chay. Though I studied in Jenius Kindergarten for only one and a half year, I learnt many things there. My teachers and friends were friendly and helpful. I am in Primary 4 now and I look forward to meeting my teachers and friends again. :)

I am Mitchell, Lucas’ brother. I enjoyed learning and had fun in Jenius. I LIKE the teachers there, especially 陈老师. She taught me patiently and now my Chinese has improved! I am in Primary 2 now and I also hope to see my teachers and friends again.

Lucas Chay & Mitchell

Hi! I am Geraldine and I was a former student of Jenius Kindergarten. I have just graduated from my primary school, CHIJ OLN, in 2009. I loved Jenius a lot as it provided a conducive environment for learning. The teachers made lessons fun and challenging at the same time.

Hi! I am Geraldine’s sister, Germaine. I studied at Jenius Kindergarten since I was in pre-nursery and now I am a Primary 4 pupil at CHIJ OLN. The times in Jenius were fun and memorable. The teachers were caring and patient. I missed all of them, especially 陈老师. I wish them good health and God bless everyone in Jenius!

Geraldine & Germaine
Testimony YanRong

Hello, I am Yan Rong and this is my little brother, Yun Kai. Both of us have studied in Jenius Kindergarten for 4 years. I am going to be in primary four next year and Yun Kai will be in primary one. Both of us are studying in Hougang Primary.

We had fun learning in Jenius Kindergarten. We both love the ‘Learning Corner’ as it has many fun activities. I love the role play for cooking corner and Yun Kai loves the computer lessons as he gets to learn Han Yu Pin Yin & storytelling. Both of us like the art & craft as it was interesting and built up our creativity. The kindergarten has prepared us well for primary one; not only academically but also on our social skills.

We missed the graduation day as it is a very enjoyable day for us. We also missed the teachers that had taught us and special thanks to林老师, 陈老师, teacher Catherine, teacher Nadia and teacher Angie.

Yan Rong & Yun Kai

Hi, I am Song Jiaxi. I graduated from Jenius in year 2009. I could hardly speak mandarin when I first came to the school. My teacher, Lin laoshi, very patiently encouraged me and widened my vocabulary. I enjoyed taking the school bus to Jenius. It gave me the chance to chat with my classmates. I had a memorable 2 years in Jenius.

Hi, I am Song Jiayi. I graduated from Jenius in year 2011. I love art n craft lessons. Till now, I still keep some of the crafts which I have made when I was in Jenius. My teacher, Lin laoshi, brought us beyond the textbooks. She tuned into the news and exposed us to current affairs. The “show and tell” practices has helped me to be more confident and prepared me for Primary One.

Hi, I am Song Jiale. Like my sisters, I could hardly speak mandarin when I first came to Jenius. My teacher, Chen laoshi, has helped me tremendously. My lessons are more interesting compared to my sisters. The newly implemented enrichment classes – Fun Gourmet lessons and Speech and Drama lessons are my favourites.

Song Jiaxi , Song Jiayi & Song Jiale
zachery toh

Hi, my name is Zachary Toh. I remember on my first day in nursery, I was very frightened though I did not cry. With the loving support from the wonderful teachers there, I adapted quickly and looked forward to school happily every day.

The school prepared us well for primary school. Besides learning English, Chinese and Numbers, there were bountiful of activities such as Creative Arts & Crafts, Show & Tell, Speech & Drama, Fun Gourmet, Learning Corners, Sports, Community event celebrations, Excursions etc which all pupils enjoyed very much. I attribute my confidence and success to all the teachers who had delicately taught me, especially Ling Laoshi.

I am very grateful to Jenius for giving me the opportunity to co-host in my K2 graduation concert, facing more than 400 audience with ease and confidence. My class performed an Indian dance which received the loudest clap and cheer!


Zachary Toh
toh jia yi

My daughter, TOH JIA QI, has graduated after 3 fun-filled years in JENIUS KINDERGARTEN HOUGANG BLK 915. I share with Jia qi the same mixed feelings, excited that she will be entering a new milestone but sad that she is leaving Jenius Kindergarten. I would like to take this opportunity to thank to all the teachers who have been part of her life for the last three years.

I thank all her teachers who took the time to understand each and every child’s unique personality and nature and thus nurture them accordingly. Jia qi entered Jenius Kindergarten, a timid, shy and sensitive child and left Jenius, a confident child. For this, I am personally and deeply grateful to Teacher Nadia, Teacher Amy, Chen Laoshi, Xu Laoshi and Mdm Angie.

With such a sterling culture and quality, I am sure that Jenius Kindergarten will remain the premium kindergarten of choice for all parents for years and years to come.

Once again, thank you.

Very Truly Yours

Brenda Chang (Mother of Toh Jia Qi K2 - Charity)

To the Principal, Teachers and Staff of Jenius Kindergarten, not forgetting the Drivers and their Assistants, our heartfelt thanks and gratitude go out to you all as we come to another year end.
Many thanks for all your care for Darren and Monisha Govender over the past few years. You have definitely given them a sound foundation to build their dreams and careers from. Thanks again for your care and attention.

Daya and Anna Marie Govender and Family