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Amber Hsu Myat

Amber loved going to Jenius Kindergarten and showed tremendous
enthusiasm when telling me about her day at school. From a shy girl,
Amber became expressive and made many new friends. The school provides a
secure, caring and stimulating atmosphere in which my daughter grew
emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially.

Just wish to express my gratitude to all the dedicated staffs of school
especially Lin Lao Shi and Teacher Angie who left a big impression and
influence her early years with fond memories and attitude towards

Thank you!

Myint Zu (Mother of Amber Hsu Myat)
Currently attending P1 in 2017

Amber Hsu Myat
Gwen Chee Le En

Dear Principal and teachers of Jenius Kindergarten (Hougang),

I’m writing in to thank all of you – Principal Nadia,
林老师,teacher Dorthoy and Mdm Angie

I thank all of you and the centre for all the love, care and attention you have showered on my dear daughter Gwen Chee Le En at K2 Teamwork class.
Thank you all for taking good care of her, teaching her and also the care you all have given to her.
Now she has grown up to become a little obedient young girl and because
you all believed in her and encouraged her and make sure she believed in
herself with confidence.
You all have given her a gift that will last a lifetime and we cannot thank you enough.
Times really flies, it’s time for my daughter to leave Jenius Kindergarten and proceed to the next level, which is her primary education.
Once again, my husband and myself would like to thank all the teachers
and principal from Jenius Kindergarten(Hougang)for everything that you havedone for my daughter.

Wish you all the best ❤

Parents of Gwen Chee Le En
Mr & Mrs Chee

Gwen Chee
Gwyneth and Genevieve

“Jenius Kindergarten has been a big influence to Genevieve and her
sister, Gwyneth.  The school system is extremely well-structured and has
provided my girls with a holistic learning environment, in both academic
and nurturing their core values.  Most importantly, the educators are
very supportive, responsive to the children’s learning needs, and most
importantly, very caring towards each and every child.  I am happy that
I have chosen Jenius Kindergarten for my children.  I will definitely
encourage other parents to consider Jenius Kindergarten, as the
preferred choice of school.”

Thank you.


Grace (Mrs Ong)

Gwyneth and Genevieve’s mummy

Gwyneth and Genevieve
Naomi and Ethan

I have three kids – Ethan (7), Naomi (6) and Nathan (2). When Ethan was 3 years old, I sent him to the nearest playgroup (Tots House) and he had a wonderful teacher there named Teacher Callie. When the playgroup class was about to finish, Teacher Callie suggested for Ethan to go to Jenius Kindergarten to continue the next level of learning.
Ethan, at 4 years old, was not talking much and was a very shy boy. I was very worried he won’t cope with the new environment. Just like any other child, he had some challenges along the way but I am very pleased on how he progressed while studying at Jenius Kindergarten. His three years of stay with Jenius Kindergarten indeed prepared him well for Primary school. He is now a very independent and responsible student.
As for Naomi, since his brother was already going to Jenius Kindergarten at that time, sending her to the same school is of course logical so she and her brother can be at the same school bus every day. Like Ethan, Naomi was also a very shy kid. She rarely talked and often lacked confidence. I was also very happy that she started to speak up. She is now a confident and strong-willed girl.
For foreigners like us, finding a suitable school for our kids is sometimes a challenge. Jenius Kindergarten had helped my kids to develop both their knowledge and well-being. Thank you to all the teachers at Jenius Kindergarten for all their dedication and patience. Thanks to Teacher Lim and Teacher Angie who had been both great to my kids!
I’ll be sending my youngest as well to Jenius Kindergarten!

Aloha Cura

Ethan and Naomi

Name : Lim Hwee Wun, Fion
Class : YEAR 2016 K2 – 4A1

To : Jenius Kindergarten (Kovan)
Dear Teachers,

I am writing to let you know how Fion has enjoyed every of her moment in
Jenius Kindergarten, not only that the lessons were carried out in
fun and lively manner, teachers in the kindergarten also show their love
and passion in inspiring the children and imparting their knowledge.
Fion loves sharing her joy and new knowledge with us everyday when we
reached home.

As Fion’s parents, we were glad to have enrolled her in Jenius
Kindergarten for her pre-school education. Her progression ever since
she started had exceeded our expectations and most importantly to us was
that Fion also showed her interest in the activities conducted in school.
She enjoyed the creative art, show & tell, learning corner, excursion,
Chinese calligraphy and event celebrations. She was also inspired to try
her very best in her English & Chinese Word Bank.

Every lovely thing which has been mentioned above would not have
happened without the dedication and love from the teachers. With much
sense of reluctance that her journey in Jenius Kindergarten has came to an
end, we are very touch and grateful to every teacher and staff for
making Fion’s pre-school education such a wonderful and memorable
journey. Special thanks to 林老师 and Teacher Angie for their caring
and patience for the past 2 years.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely,
Lim Yu Meng (Fion’s Father)
Chok Choi Ha (Fion’s Mother)

Fion Lim
Kaylen and Kaydee

Dear Teachers from Jenius Kindergarten Kovan,

“My heartfelt gratefulness to the dedication and patience of Teachers and Principal of Jenius Kindergarten Kovan. I am very blessed to have
enrolled my both Princesses at your school. Kaylen has achieved the
strong foundation for her academic and social skills important for her
primary school journey. Kaydee who is less interested in studies on
the other hand has grown to be a very sensible girl. She has developed
her love for music, art and craft, the creative side of her. Thanks
to the wide range of curriculum and activities available for children
development at young age. The Chinese lessons are also well structured
even for non Chinese speaking children like mine and many excursion
trips. Both have shown great progress and have grown up very well
under the dedicated hands and love of the teachers, especially Teacher
Angie and Teacher Lim, not forgetting Judy, who was always there to
handle the administrative queries. Thank you for nurturing my children
and, at the same time, providing a wonderful and enjoyable learning
experience. Keep up the good work!”

With love from Vanessa, Mother of Kaylen Thawdar Hnin Htet (2011 to
2015 ) and Kaydee Thet Thawdar Hnin (2013-2016)

Kaylen and Kaydee
Amanda and Aldric

Jenius Kindergarten is fun because the teachers are kind to us. We learned a lot in school through activities and games. We also learned Chinese calligraphy, art, music and much more. Thank you 林老师, 邓老师 and Teacher Angie for your teachings over the years.

Amanda Goh and Aldric Goh
Ixchel Nixus Trenix

My wife and I both saw first-hand support, safe and comfortable environment JENIUS KINDERGARTEN provided. We acknowledge the core values in school. Jenius used their resources, and showed compassion to our girls. As parents, we do seek the teachers for help occasionally. We saw the mutual respect and relationship driven towards education greatly boosted the learning journey for our girls. We feel so blessed that our girls looked forward to go to school each day and return with confidence. “To witness and experience these relationship ourselves 3 times in a row was so heart-warming.”

“No other prep school holds my family’s concern so close to heart. What more can any family possibly want for their child?”

Greatly appreciate and thankful to the principal and all teachers for the guidance to our 3 girls, Ixchel, Nixus and Trenix, to be better children.

Mr and Mrs Chow

Ixchel, Nixus, Trenix
Rachel Teo

My gal, Teo Rui Zhi, Rachel finally has graduated after 3 years in JENIUS KINDERGARTEN HOUGANG @ BLK 915. She joined Jenius when she was 4 yrs ( Nursery ) .I remembered when she first joined, she was trained to go to the toilet, to be independent etc . From Nursery to K1 and K2, I can see huge improvement in my gal. She learnt to be independent, to share, to have self confidence and most importantly her speech. During these 3 years, I can see she really enjoyed every moment in school. She will come home telling me things that had happened in school and she will keep telling me what she did in the Learning Corner.


I feel happy that she will be going to a new milestone but on the other hand sad that she is leaving Jenius Kindergarten. I am really grateful to Teacher Nadia, Teacher Dorothy, Lin Lao Shi and Mdm Angie.


Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank to all the teachers who have been part of her life for the last three years. I thank them for taking the time to understand and help her along the way.


We will sure miss the happy times in Jenius. Thank you for all those wonderful memories.


If any Parents were to ask me, I will highly recommend them to choose Jenius Kindergarten !


Thank you.


From : Cheryl Chin ( Mummy of Teo Rui Zhi , Rachel K2A – 2015 )

Teo Rui Zhi, Rachel

Dear Teachers,

时光飞逝。。。Chermine has completed her 3 years in Jenius Kindergarten (Hougang). Thanks for all the efforts that Teacher Dorothy, Mdm Angie and 林老师 have put in. Chermine enjoyed her fruitful years in Jenius. 你们的欢乐与用心良苦,玙恒会记在心里。我们会再见。。。when my 3rd girl joins Jenius in Yr2017.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Chermine’s Mummy (K2B)