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Interactive Play

Interactive play is important to every child as it provides a wondrous time. Through it, children learn how to initiate and maintain friendships. It also helps the children to make connection by creating meaning...

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Planting – Growing Green Fingers

Air, sunlight and water – these are what plants need to grow and nothing beats a hands-on experience for our pupils to learn and remember that. Care was taken to water the plants daily...

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The Language Learning Centre

Kids @ Learning Centres – Blk 915 The Language Learning Centre was set up in term 3 to provide multiple opportunities for children to read, write and participate in meaningful experiences collaborating with each...

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National Day Celebration

National Day Celebration – Blk 915 It’s National Day 2014 – a time to celebrate and take pride in our country’s achievement. This year, the children participated in a variety of celebrative activities during...


National Day Parade

A National Day parade was held on 08 Aug 2014 to celebrate Singapore’s 49th birthday. Pupils from different classes represented different uniform groups such as the Singapore Police Force, Navy, Singapore Air Force etc....

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Hands-on Learning

Hands-on Learning – Blk 915″ To make learning relevant, the children were given opportunities to practise and refine skills that were make them more independent.

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Racial Harmony Day

Racial Harmony Day – Blk 915 In celebration of Racial Harmony Day, the children had various activities to remember the hard times in 1964. The teachers also bought various types of traditional food for...

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Racial Harmony Day – Places of Worship

Racial Harmony Day – Places of Worship Our pupils visited different places of worship in celebration of Racial Harmony Day on 21 July 2014. Through the educational trip, pupils learnt about the significance and...